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Heart of Leaf -:- The Naruto x Sakura Playground
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Heart of Leaf is the LiveJournal Community devoted to the Naruto x Sakura pairing from the anime and manga series "Naruto"

HoL is also related to the webpage and the mailing list that share the name, both of them focused in NaruxSaku relationship. For more information you can visit the mailing list's homepage at:

This LJ Community's main purpose is to offer a place of discussion for the fans of this particular relationship. Fanworks are also accepted, as long as they refer to the pairing or the individual characters. Any rating is allowed, but you must remember to state it clearly on your message. If your main preference is that of fanfiction, joining the HoL ML is also encouraged.

Members of this community must follow those rules of behaviour that common sense dictates:

- Not insulting other members
- Not flaming fanwork's made by other members. Constructive criticism is always appreciated but if you don't like a fanwork's theme, then don't read/watch it.

Also, members should try to stay on topic as much as possible. The posting of Off-topic messages should be reduced to a minimum.